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Pack Corner

Contains O2, BMS, DJMAX Song package!

– Each package contains 50 songs
– The method picking of 50 songs is in numerical order and named numerical order. Example Pack 1 contain o2ma number 1 to 49, Pack 2 contain 50 to 99 and so on.
– If there is no 50 in numerical order i wont upload it until all number completed
– If you guys have no idea what contains in the pack, see the image beside the link to see what it contains

– Custom Package can contain more or less than 50 songs.
– Custom Package include BMS and DJMAX
– To see what the package contain, see detail of it by clicking “Hide”.
– More Custom Package will released soon as long as i have the idea for the package name and more importantly….THE IMAGE T_T

Pack 3 = RAR

Pack 4 = RAR

Pack 5 = RAR

Pack 6 = RAR

Pack 7 = RAR

Pack 8 = RAR

Pack 9 = RAR

Pack 10 = RAR

Pack 11 = RAR



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45 responses to “Pack Corner”

  1. Krowize says:

    Okay… so is there any pack with all the songs from o2jam part 1, 2, 3 and 4? I mean I have 7gb of music files here but I’m not sure if I have all of these(donwloaded a bunch). The musics I mean are those that you made.

    • Nene says:

      No…I can’t upload that huge byte of pack. Instead I made pack with numbers on it. Unfortunately, since this pack basically pack 50 song in numerical order(ex: o2ma101 – o2ma150), and I still have some number that is unassigned(which mean I still don’t have necessary o2ma files), then I can’t release some packs. In future, I will list here ID list that I have owned. If anyone have file song for missing number, please contact me. Details about this will be announced soon

      • Krowize says:

        Missing numbers? I don’t understand xP. I have randomized my doubled(but not equal) o2ma file numbers… if that means something. Just out of curiosity, why can’t you upload all of it? .-.

        • Nene says:

          uh…I mean, in my collection I have like o2ma100 but don’t have o2ma101. Something like that. The reason why the song pack with number(Pack 3, Pack 4, etc) is the pack of 50 number in a row(example : o2ma101 to o2ma150), I don’t have one in it(example : from o2ma101 to o2ma150, lets say I don’t have o2ma130) then I can’t pack it into one package

          • Krowize says:

            Well that’s odd… I mean, you don’t need to pack them up, you just need to upload all of it. Like if you had a dropbox or something, or… what about packing with winrar? I think winrar can do this… or not?

          • Nene says:

            uh…I don’t get it what do you mean o_O? It’s already pack some of it no? If you mean ALL of it, that’s impossible

  2. Charlotte says:

    For the individual songs, is there a way to downnload them without having to create a Mediafire acc?

  3. Arvin Kent says:

    why don’t you upload the Other Versions of Beatmania IIDX Songs?

  4. Adenip says:

    why does my songs don’t play ? i already did configure my folders then refresh it but not even 1 song is listed to it –, please help i really wanna play o2mania :((

  5. Mico :D says:

    Error in all links please fix thanks

  6. Nyny says:

    all mf links are broken :(( can all be uploaded to different server?
    thanks for all the hardwork btw, although I can’t get to enjoy it yet :'(

    • Nene says:

      it is can but its gonna be take long time. To make it short tell me what song need to be fixed. one by one 😛

      • Nyny says:

        actually I formatted last time and now I’m trying to get every song possible back, and I guess the easiest way is to look for big song pack. So much regret for not backing up my last o2mania folder now >_> I just want as many songs as possible 🙁

        • Nene says:

          sorry for the inconvenience…some dudes didn’t like my blog *perhaps* and report some copyrighted song. thats why my MF is terminated….not sure its gonna be recovered as I’ve been asking help even to the owner and still no. I guess its over for MF. Tell me what pack you need and I hope I can fixed it in a short time

  7. Jae says:

    I wanted to download some BMS songs but I couldn’t

    because the URL was invalid.

    Could you please update the URL?

    bakemonogatari ED


    DJMAX 3 in 1

    Dream of winds

    Thank you!

  8. L0quid says:

    Could you please fix Hatsune Miku & Friends

  9. IceEyes says:

    I have already downloaded some songs and i have already configured the folders but still the songs dont come out of the list. I tried refreshing it but still nothing happens. I couldn’t play :/ i really want to play this

    • Nene says:

      remember the folder location where you extract the file. then configure it on o2mania in configure file directory. it has to be same directory where you store the file

  10. JP says:

    EVERYTHING IS ACCESS INVALID WHYY :(( for the pak songs

    • Nene says:

      there is some issue on my MF account thx to someone reporting copyright issue…so as for now yes all MF link is unavailable. fixing them all gonna take time…meanwhile you can ask which need to be repaired…and dont ask too many request in one shot

  11. L0quid says:

    I have a question :p. Are you going to repair all links in a certain amount of time or just these people ask for? If yes, then how much time will it take?? I visit this site from time to time and it worries me that i’ll have to wait for years until all links are fixed. Maybe you could focus more on making song packs for time being because it will take alot of time to fix all these one by one, I know that you allready answered to questions like this but even xGB or xxGB song packs would be really appreciated, heh. This is the only place where i can download o2mania songs… and digging the working ones is problematic especially when i return after some time, you fix some songs and again I have to dig them or download everything because working links are shuffled with broken ones. Ahh I am really unlucky because i found this site like 2 days before they shutdown your mediafire acc… I downloaded few songs with nice pictures first and was like, “ok ill spend few hours and download everyting tomorrow” and when i finally got to it, it was too late :(. Btw I am really grateful that you didn’t just ignore this site after your mediafire acc got shutdown, thanks for work you put into this.

    • Nene says:

      here’s the problem.
      1st. yes from time being have to ask which to repair.
      2nd. Reason? duh I have work in real life as well making I dont have much time to do the fixing

  12. wyldstrykr says:

    can i request pack of “haruhi suzumiya” songs
    i forgot the title of one of their song downloaded to this site. also to dl god knows, bouken desho desho, hare hare yukai(?) in one click


    • wyldstrykr says:

      if you cant, could you give me a list of haruhi suzumiya song that is available(not including the remix) thanks

      • Nene says:

        hmm im not an anime addict or watch anime too frequently these days nor i remember the title…tell me the artist name and i will search it

  13. korewa2 says:

    The Normal Packages are…. Deleted or error….

    I think Almost of the songs in every Corner(o2 Mania Songs, Bms , and Dj Maxs) gives error messages

  14. VON says:

    Good am/pm

    can you create a pack of K-on songs ? I cant download the individual
    or could you just fix the songs individually ?

    Thanks 😀

  15. Mark Anthony says:

    hey nene can you give me your website so i can fix all songs what i want

  16. Mark Anthony says:

    teach me how to fix all error songs

  17. Mark Anthony says:

    plss fix festival fiesta

  18. Mark Anthony says:

    why i cant download the djmax songs

  19. Mark Anthony says:

    plss fix pack 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

  20. iamnoob says:

    Sweet Devil from Hatsune Miku and friends is missing. Pls fix Thank you 😀

  21. Kruz says:

    Pls creat korean pack song

  22. Kruz says:

    pls created korean pack song

  23. BeatmaniaNZ says:

    Hi Nene =)
    Could we get in touch? I’m running a website for BMS files like yourself and was wondering if we could collaborate somehow? for the greater good~! 😀

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