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O2Mania Tutorial

1. Download these first in order to smoothen the tutorial
2. First, install WinRAR
Install O2Client by first extracting it first by using WinRAR

After succesfully install o2Client, extract o2Mania.rar, and copy the folder to the folder where you install o2JamClient
Run o2Mania

Before you begin to play, you have to configure your graphic and sound card. To do this, click the red circle tab, and click the red arrow menu or simply press “F11”. After this it depends on your graphic card and audio card setting. This is my example. After you done, click the red circle or simply press “ENTER”. In order to test the audio, simply play any song. To learn how to play song, go to the O2Jam/DJMAX/BMS Tutorial. In order to test the video, play an animated song. Some DJMAX song is best to test it or you can try playing animated BMS song. Enjoy

Some useful shortcut key :

1. Open song selection menu(F8)

1.1. Click this dotted tab to switch see all song or favorite song
1.2. Click this tab to switch what to play o2Jam, DJMAX, or BMS
1.3. Go to o2mania website
1.4. Show song image(if available)
1.5. Add current selected song to favorite
1.6. Delete current selected song’s OJN file(not recommended to click)
1.7. Song info. From top to bottom : Title-Level-Note-Time-Genre-Artist-BGA(Yes/No)
1.8. Open the configure folder data window

1.8.1. Configure where you store the file song
1.8.2. OK
1.8.3. Cancel
1.9. Open all song
1.10. Refresh button
1.11. Open to play selected song-difficulty
1.12. Cancel
1.13. Search song
1.14. Song selection menu. From left to right : Title-Difficulty-Level-Genre-Noter-File directory path
1.15. Tick to show difficulty song data. From left to right : Easy(EZ)-Normal(NM)-Hard(HD)
1.16. Rings. Make harder your playing by using ring. This rings change your note and BPM. From 1st option to last : None-Random(Key&SP)-Mirror(Key&SP)-Panic(Key&SP)-Random(Key)-Mirror(Key)-Panic(Key)
1.17. Fun Rings. From 1st option to last : None-Speed Bat-4D notes
1.18. Vision Rings. Make harder your playing by using ring. This rings change your vision, means where and when you can see the note coming. From 1st option to last : None-Sudden 50%-Sudden 25%-Hidden 50%-Hidden 25%-Dark
2. Go to configure folder data window
3. Exit program(Esc)

2.1. Determine custom BPM
2.2. Determine custom guide line
2.3. Go to Full Screen(ALT+ENTER)
2.4. Turn ON/OFF skin
2.5. Show FPS ON/OFF

3.1. Start manually play selected song(F6)
3.2. Immediately stop current playing song(F5)
3.3 and 4. Mark Start/End music
3.5. Sudden Death ON/OFF. If this is turned ON, then when your life bar reaches 0, the song will stop immediately. If turned OFF, you can still play the song although you have lost all your life
3.6. Play Random Song(CTRL+ALT+S). This only occurs if you have select more than 1 song/difficulty. For example you have choose 3 different song name/difficulty. Then if you press this after a song, it will randomly play next song as you choose
3.7. Judgment Setting
3.8. Play song with AutoBot playing(F5)
3.9. Play next song(CTRL+ALT+.). This only occurs if you have select more than 1 song/difficulty and it will play next song that is listed on your “playlist”
3.10. Add current selected song as favorite
3.11. Pause temporarirly while playing

Since there is 3 option and the fourth tab is about Skin, then from the 1st to last : Skin Background, Random Wave Background, BGA Bakground. It is recommended to use BGA Background as some of the song has animation on it and by turn this one on, means you can see its animation while playing

Since the 5th tab is about volume, then there is 2 option only in here : BGM Volume(Increase volume[4], Decrease volume[SHIFT+4]) and SE(Special Effect) Volume(Increase volume[5], Decrease volume[SHIFT+5])

6.1. Cinfigure your keyboard setting for playing note(K). Please note in order to play smoothly, you must test your key setting by after you decide what key, then press all your selected key in the same time and see if all of your key setting responding
6.2. Configure Direct 3D setting(D)(F11)
6.3. Configure Visual GFX setting(J)
6.4. Configure your skin theme(S)(F9)
6.5. Configure your skin setting by selecting its effect when hitting note, combo font style(ALT+F9)

7.1. Go o2Mania website
7.2. Go to o2mania forum
7.3. About program

O2Mania 1.4.2.(US version)
Download here
Basically this version of o2mania is the same as 1.2(above info). But this version has fixed some bugs(though I don’t know what bugs), able to play any VOS song, able to play some of broken sound song, all menu and option in English language.
Basically this version is more advanced and more complete than 1.2. The only downgrade is, sometimes when you try to open this version, sometimes it crashes. But its okay. Just rerun it.
To install it, just unpack it with WinRAR. IT IS RECOMMENDED that you save this version into different folder and not unpack it inside “e=games” folder. With this method you can still run 1.2. version as well as the new 1.4.2.US version.
NOTE : This program isn’t officially released by o2mania. This program is made by some people, so if you think this version is legit and official, its not.
NOTE 2 : The original RAR file doesn’t contain d3dx9.dll. Well, this one is not(cause I already download it and pack it into one). IF somehow after unpacking, and when you try to run the program, and it still lack of some .dll file, do this : Open your browser, go to, type in Search box “download xxx.dll”, and you should find the file easily
NOTE 3 : Since it can play previously broken sound song, then new icon will appear next to song info as (1.4)

64 responses to “O2Mania Tutorial”

  1. zackoy says:

    Where I can download VOS song? Can you give me the link? I even didn’t know what is VOS Song, and how it can be played on O2Mania 1.4.2.

  2. zackoy says:

    Bot playing very good in O2Mania 1.2.0, but in O2Mania 1.4.2 the bot is not good enough for playing some impossible song like [SHD]Xepher (Lv 1155). I was think that O2Mania 1.4.2 can play that song full combo, but it doesn’t. So in my opinion, O2Mania 1.2.0 is better than O2Mania 1.4.2.

    • Nene says:

      @Zackoy : Is it? I haven’t tested it yet. But still o2mania ver 1.4 can play some song that is when played on 1.2 version, the song doesn’t have sound. You can keep both version anyway. Just copy-paste to different folder. As for VOS song, VOS is an old o2jam like offline game. Try searching it by google

  3. zackoy says:

    There is one more thing the different between O2Mania 1.4.2 and O2Mania 1.2.0, that is the judgement line. Normal in O2Mania 1.4.2 is like Hard in O2Mania 1.2.0.

  4. Mike says:

    uuhhh . . . when I run it there are allot of question marks and i dont understand the words

    it is written like this

    ÀàÐÍ: c0000005
    µØÖ·: 0x2357086



    help me please !!!

    • Nene says:

      uh what did you click to run? Just run o2mania, and click middle button. If still happen, why not try the 1.4 version?

  5. violentpoem says:

    I <3 you Nene

  6. Enze says:

    What’s the purpose of o2jam client?
    I have o2mania V1.0 but can smoothly play without o2jam client 😀

  7. ian says:

    i cant press all the keys at the same time..

  8. Kings says:

    i want playing <(=_=<)

  9. Kings says:

    how can i change to amd radeon hd 6600

  10. rudel says:

    how to download all the songs? not one by one download

  11. G says:

    Your WinRAR file is File Download Blocked

  12. Jz says:

    is this site still alive?

  13. Jz says:

    why can’t i download the o2 client?

  14. nat says:

    thank you nene
    finally i can play this game again 🙂

  15. kelvin says:

    where i can download songs pack ? i cant see any website that songs pack exist -_-

  16. Sam says:

    Hey mate thanks for everything!

    Btw how did you get the skin you showed in this tutorial and set it to center.

    I can’t see to find it :/

    • Nene says:

      what do you mean by center? The tutorial image is using MyO2X7 Mania Skin. That skin is setting the play note in the center

  17. Anonymous says:

    What shall i do? i downloaded .ojn files yet when i try to play the song. It doesn’t have audio(sounds/music) =(

  18. PpmeiS says:

    Hello Nene, first of all thanks for this great tutorial. But I have some C++ Exception Errors when I run O2Mania v1.4.2. v1.2 and v1.3beta work great. I’m under Windows 8.1 64bits.

    Thanks a lot ^^.

    • Nene says:

      hmm not a techie one here…but me using Windows 7 is great when using both…not sure why and what to do…perhaps you could ask about it on my FB group…

  19. PpmeiS says:

    Well it just happend during first screen (spam screen), then I can play :D. Thanks!

  20. PpmeiS says:

    Oh and from DJMAX download list don’t work below:



  21. patrick sibulo says:

    hello ?

  22. Ash Blake says:

    Is there a theme song of To aru majutsu ni index?

  23. Elle says:

    hey where can i download the songpacks? thanks

  24. Mizuki says:

    it is me or.. all MF link are files deleted??

    anyway.. it is me or… things such as o2client and o2mania are important.. hope you re-upload this files or what??

  25. Jacob says:


    from what country you are ? ?

    From PH here.

    just want to say DL link for client is Broken 🙁

  26. lihan says:

    i cant press All key help me 🙁

    • Nene says:

      change ur keyboard setting for key or buy a new keyboard :P. Some keyboard cant press some button in one press

  27. rj says:

    help nene i cant download 1.4 english version.. it has been deleted in the mediafire

  28. rf says:

    hi where can i download O2mania 1.4 english? mediafire deleted it

  29. rf says:

    its working now.. but some songs is deleted by mediafire.. pls fix it

  30. kei says:

    what is the purpose of the client?

  31. Hew says:

    Can o2mania 1.4ver add on the judge option? Is very hard to play compare with the 1.2ver.

  32. Emmanuel says:

    (1.4) You can play on Lunatic Rave 2

  33. qwek qwek says:

    Can you make a video tutorial on this? I followed this tutorial but still can’t make it 1.4, and Black Swan doesn’t has no sounds 😀

  34. Spinzyy says:

    Is V3II Out And Where Can I Find It

  35. qwe iop says:

    Hi can i ask how to download the ” i say yes ” song on your myo2 song list?

  36. Kamong says:

    Do you have a link for 64 bit for 1.4.2 us?

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