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O2Jam Tutorial

Download any song what you want. First of by clicking any O2 thread. Then, go click First Hide under the alphabet category just shown as No. 1 red circle, then choose any song what you want by clicking second hide under the song name and image as shown on No.2 red circle, then click both these file to download and play.
Why you need to download both? Because of this

Its simple that without OJM(Song data), means no sound to play. Without OJN(note data), its just simple mp3. Either way, if you don’t download both, sometimes o2mania won’t read the data. However, there is some song that has same ID(ID refer to o2maxxx where “xxx” is the number ID). If you wish to save a song that has same ID of other song, simply save it to another folder and when you decide to play this song, configure folder data with the same address, refresh and play. To see how to configure data folder, please see step 4. Please notice, do not copy-paste all of the file that has same ID in the same folder or copy-paste one of it as the game will not read it, and you have to delete both song file, and restart computer because o2mania will still remember the data for that ID. For example song A has song ID 100, while song B also has song ID 100. This usually happen because of custom notecharter didn’t know that number ID he/she is using is already taken. To avoid this, simply copy-paste 2nd song who has same ID in the different folder. Don’t worry, I always tell in the song data in the web that this song has same ID.
Remember where you save your download. Go there and copy-paste it to a folder. Like this example, we using folder called “Test”. Remember the path where you copy-paste the file as red circle shown
Run o2Mania. To learn how to install o2mania, please see the o2mania tutorial

Go to Music selection menu or just press “F8”, to open the song selection menu. First click No.1 red circle to open browse default folder menu. Then, go click No.2 red circle to open browse folder menu. The folder you are looking for is where you stored the music file. From the example before, its “Test” folder, so go to the folder where the file is stored. No.4 red circle is the example where I stored the file. After determine its location, click No.3 red circle then click OK. After that you need to refresh, so click No.5 red circle to make it appear
Now the song appear. You can choose its song and its difficulty. After you decide what difficulty to play, click the red circle to go back to the main screen or simply just press “ENTER”
Now you can play the song. Press “F5” to play autobot mode where you can just enjoy the song and the note chart, or you can play manually by yourself by pressing “F6” to begin. To stop the song whenever you want, press “F7” Enjoy!

4 responses to “O2Jam Tutorial”

  1. meh says:

    i tried to play a song, i could play the notes but there’s no audio, i did download both OJM and OHN files

  2. owen says:

    hello can you please fix colors? thank you 😀

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