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O2 Jam Song

In this article you can found all O2 Jam song just scroll the letter, click Hide, find the song, click hide again, and see the description of the music, then download what file you want. Enjoy ^_^v!


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291 responses to “O2 Jam Song”

  1. JK776 says:

    Some .ojn files are deleted. Pls. response to this post.

  2. JACOB says:

    PULSE IN OPUS .OJM file was removed

  3. korewa2 says:

    ummmm do I need to download both ojm and ojn to play the song??

  4. ivyivyivy says:

    Cocktail Love(Madteam Remix) OJM/OJN is missing, too.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Nyan-Master says:

    Doraemon ojn file not working

  6. legendaryotaku says:

    please upload dont say lazy k-on and god knows (original) haruhi suzumiya

  7. Mon says:

    this site is great! thanks for the songs! 🙂

  8. korewa2 says:

    well Mischief ojn has been deleted??

  9. asdf says:

    Hello~ I googled “canon O3 Remix” then this site however do you have um … mp3 of it? 🙂

  10. Michael says:

    im really satified on your posts
    if i have some problems, there are some delected songs.. 🙁 please re-upload and i have a favor…
    could you post a song named “cat symphony”? i heard and watched it on youtube, it sounds really really cute ..><

  11. Michael says:

    sorry, i found what i have found. but here’s problem. i put in the song right folder and i load it but it ain’t work! all it works is falling notes without song. i beg you to check this song. the song number is “ojma731.ojm” thank you

    • Nene says:

      Ah. So you found it…The song is marked as like this no “Cat Symphony(1.4)”? (1.4) means you have to play it on o2mania version 1.4. Currently that version is US version. You can download it on the o2mania tutorial thread

  12. Khel says:

    early morning ojn is missing

  13. Khel says:

    oh sorry i forgot also aquarius ojm is missing

  14. Ralph says:

    Mozart’s little star ojn is missing

  15. Dominic says:

    Take Five link does not work

  16. ZERO Requiem says:

    Why fly magpie is not working ?

  17. token says:

    why i download the ojm n ojn file when i play i get no sound no music?

  18. anonymous says:

    %E – XT[O2 HD Mix] on OJN/OJM File is expired. Please fix it.

  19. nieory says:

    please fix last christmas song, link deleted

  20. MyouMyou says:

    I can’t get these songs, the link is dead…

    – Reincarnation

    – Story of the Underdog

    Please fixed it…arigatou~ -^_^-

  21. Anon says:

    Story of the underdog: ojn file is missing x.X

  22. O2Jam says:

    Song for you..
    OJM error in
    Please fix because it’s one of my favorite song..

  23. WinterMelom says:

    I tried to find the song “my soul your beats” for o2jam but there’s no any. Can I request to make ojn ojm for that song? 🙂

    • Nene says:

      I didn’t notechart anymore..perhaps you could ask some noter on the FB group….If I remember correctly there should be one already on BMS section

  24. PhenalilynX says:

    Do you have all mp.3 of new song in O2JAM U. If yes, can I have it please? I really love its song and can’t find it 🙂

  25. Atreia Jam says:

    Yui Life Hard mode missing

  26. Xin says:

    Hi there…this website is awesome! Uhmm I’m just wonderin’ if do you have song pack that inlcude many or all of the songs for easier download..? But nevertheless great job….like playin o2jam! 😀

  27. Jei says:

    i cant play the invoke in o2solo ? why ? :/

  28. renseiryuu says:

    Can you reupload RoseHolic OJN?

  29. Gouf says:

    Would you mind reuploading some missing files?
    -Gossec-Gavotte OJN
    -Grace OJM
    -Hair Like Snow OJM
    -Happy Then OJN
    -Hard Romanticcers OJN
    -Hara Hare Yukai Euro Mix OJN
    -Have a Good Time OJN and OJM
    -High Hold 2 OJN
    -His Happiness OJN

    • Nene says:

      @Gouf : fixed

      • Gouf says:

        Superb! Sadly there are still many deleted files. The ones I know at the moment are:
        -Hong Kong is a Friend OJM and OJN
        -Hu Ran Dong Feng OJM and OJN
        -I Called First OJM and OJN
        -I Called First(Remix) OJM and OJN
        -I Like OJM and OJN
        -I Love DOKDO OJM
        -I Love to Take a Party and Come OJN
        -I Love You Again OJM
        -I Went to Disneyland OJM and OJN
        -I’m Too a Women OJM
        -Imagination OJN
        -In My Dream OJM
        -In My Fantasia OJM and OJN
        -Initial D Drift OJM
        -Intense Color OJM and OJN
        -Jang Geum OJN
        -Joy to the Winter Party OJM and OJN
        -Julia OJN
        Also, nice job getting all these O2Jam songs! You’ve got an amazing collection!

  30. wendell says:

    how can i download songs do i need images?

    • Nene says:

      go to any thread(O2, BMS) then choose the alphabet, and choose what song you want and there should be download link on it

  31. Nokoru says:

    (R) Mp3 :
    – Cosmic Rays
    – Love FIOghter
    – Love Drive

    Thank’s before Nene 🙂

  32. enn says:

    For Elise & Tears of Elise error when playing

  33. enn says:

    Nene i installed o2mania 1.4.2 but it crashed when playing these 2 songs. Do i really need o2 client to play these songs? Thx

  34. AsHitArO says:

    Where Is the Naruto Closer Song Located?

  35. AsHitArO says:

    Oh Thank you…

  36. Jeloyski says:

    Is there a free song when i download?

  37. varna says:

    thanks a lot nene!

  38. tcy3086 says:

    hi can i request a few songs for ojm download.

    S.I.D – Hide and Seek

    Warak – Revival On

    both songs from O2jam universal

  39. tcy3086 says:

    hello nene~

    can i request a few songs download for O2MANIA

    S.I.D – Hide and Seek

    Warak – Revival On

    both songs from O2Jam Universal

  40. Lan says:

    Death note is broken link. :\

  41. Fantomex says:

    Super Mario Bros. Main Theme OJM file Deleted

  42. MoonSangJin says:

    Nene can you please make a Pokemon Songs and Popular KPOP Songs.. Thank you!!! KAMSAHAMNIDA 🙂

  43. ElectroFan says:

    Hello there Nene. How can I make mp3s from the OJM, aside from the Audacity recording way? I saw a Youtube video which says I need oggenc but the file doesn’t exist anymore. If I put this as a request to you I’ll probably ask for the mp3 of all the songs on this page so I guess I want to learn how to make mp3s myself.

    • Nene says:

      All? Meh you’re killing me x_x

      • ElectroFan says:

        Well, probably not all, but O2Jam is close to my heart so at the very least my request would be 50 songs. That’s why I was asking you if there’s a method to make an mp3 out of the ojm files without doing any recording which will take really long. 🙂

        • Nene says:

          50 songs ._. …better ask it one by one if you want o.o/

          • ElectroFan says:

            So there’s no way to get an mp3 except for recording through Audacity or O2Mania? That’s why I was asking if you know of any easier way to do it using the OJM file so I’ll do the conversion myself. 🙂

          • Nene says:

            oh ok o.o

  44. Eddie says:

    Bach Alive Another and End of The Moonlight other

    no sound

  45. ElectroFan says:

    So Nene, is there a way?

  46. Jerimiah says:

    you dont have a Cross Time song?

  47. imUrFan says:

    can u search the song “Flower Dance”
    By DJ okawari…
    and made them into ojm/ojn files..
    if u'll make them..
    plss let me know..

    • Nene says:

      according to my data, there is Flower Dance on BMS section…try looking it on BMS part III thread. Dunno if thats the Flower Dance you looking for

  48. shin says:

    can u put Air God Long note, and future gazer 1.1 please. im begging you please T_T

  49. shin says:

    Btw im just going to ask if o2mania dont really have a Pop jam?

  50. aizen says:

    kung ayaw mo na sa akin .ojn file is not available

  51. Altimitt says:

    can you please upload POWER OF LIGHT or is it POWER OF FLIGHT from o2jam on ipad? thanks!!!

  52. Myerish says:

    Symphony No.40 OJM not working 🙁
    pls fix.

  53. Char says:

    Hello! First of all thank you for providing the music list including the Korean-only songs!

    My complaint would be My Life other*’s OJM download link is invalid/deleted.

    Thanks in advance for fixing!

    • Char says:

      Oh yes, forgot to mention Nightfall as well. Invalid/deleted OJM download link.

      • Nene says:

        Other 2 songs in 2 separate your post link is fixed…and nightmare also for the rests, since I’m also busy with real life, all of it should take time…when its all done I’m gonna approve it and label it as fixed..anyway 3 song has been fixed

  54. Char says:

    Oh hello again! Lots of dead download links!

    Download links deleted/invalid/dead,
    Nightmare – OJM/OJN
    No Lies – OJM/OJN
    o25 – OJN
    Ode 2 Joy – OJM
    One Sided Love – OJN
    Orange Gredation – OJM
    Orange Gradation – OJM/OJN
    Overture – OJM/OJN
    Persian Market – OJM
    Pride – OJN
    Princess Mononoke – OJM
    Radetzky March – OJM/OJN
    Renegades of Hardcode – OJM/OJN
    Rhapsody Youth – OJM/OJN
    Run Up!! – OJN
    Skater Waltz – OJM/OJN
    Smart Choices – OJM/OJN
    Soon Jung – OJM/OJN
    Stak Atak – OJM
    Summer Dream With You – OJM
    Surely – OJN
    Telepath – OJM/OJN
    Tell Me – OJN
    The Forth Dimension – OJM/OJN
    The Prince of Sea – OJN
    Unforgettable Memories – OJM
    Valse criollo – OJM
    VooDoo – OJM
    Ya! – OJM/OJN
    You Write A Letter Part 2 – OJN
    Zigeuner Weisen – OJM/OJN

  55. YanYan says:

    can you upload fairy tail OST i love to play with them.. ty..

  56. Daniel says:

    The ojn file of You Write A Letter Part 2 is broken plz fix it. Thatnk you!

  57. ShadowMc says:

    kankan ojn file deleted…

  58. Charlon says:

    Broken links. Don’t worry, I’ll just wait and please take your time uploading. Just let me know if you had fixed the broken links.

    Never Back Down
    Open Your Heart
    Posing as an Angel
    Run Up!!!
    Skater Waltz
    Small Nurses
    Smart Choices
    Soon Jung
    Tell Me
    The Forth Dimension
    The Prince of Sea
    To Play the Leading Role
    Turn A Blind Eye
    Unforgettable Memories
    You Count Hard
    You Write A Letter Part 2
    Your Smile
    Zigeuner Weisen

  59. Charlon says:

    Also broken links. Again, just take your time.
    Love Wrong
    Love You
    Luv Mu Revolution
    Marlon Brando
    My Swing

  60. MrChore says:

    I think you guys are missing “Turn A” form pory. Thank you

  61. Akana says:

    Valse Criollo o2ma637.ojm file is missing from mediafire.

  62. jester says:

    tnx guys the site serve us well

  63. Jenny says:

    Thanks for uploading the songs! 😀
    Anyway, can you fix:

    Rolling Car Remix
    Swallowtail Butterfly
    Sweet I Love You

  64. Jenny says:

    Oh, and Love Yourself also.
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  65. Kings says:

    request song please naruto themes song

  66. Charlon says:

    Broken links, please fix, thanks in advance!
    The End of Lonely
    Love Yourself
    Do you have o2ma601 (Mayday Song)?
    Also, why is the song Suddenly (o2ma269) not recognized in my O2mania 1.0/1.4? Tried refreshing again and again, but it’s not working.

  67. ChiYianLee says:

    may i ask you to do a song for me plssss…
    i think it is not from o2jam,but i really want to play it~
    IU — red shoes

  68. Anonymous says:

    KanKan ojn. file is deleted

  69. Mikh says:

    is there any link where i can get all songs at once?

  70. Ayie Ramle says:

    White Day and Not Dancing error to download.

  71. Ayie Ramle says:

    Please add V3 Renoted, Piano Concerto, X-Files and Gee.

    • Nene says:

      For Gee its already on o2jam song part IV thread. As for V3 there is so many V3 version…try go through o2jam song part 1 to 4…as other..don’t think have thad…

  72. John Gabriel says:

    Hello again! Sandstorm (O2 Version) OJM link is not working. Hope you fix it soon. Thank you! ^_^

  73. fanton says:

    Thank you for the songs, I really appreciate it. Can I bookmark this site?

  74. Ayie Ramle says:

    Metal Max.ojm and Sand Storm.ojn download unavailable.

  75. Agus Prasetya says:

    Hello sis/Dude mam i really appreciate it but can u fix ojm-ojn ichirin no hana song
    it’s not working
    and please add ojn-ojm masayoshi minoshima ft nomico >dreaming< thanks 😀

  76. Marrjie Cruz says:

    What if I wanted to download all of it, do you have a package so that it will be easy to download?

    • Nene says:

      there is something like this in Pack Corner thread. Though its not all song but still some song covered there…
      download all is not possible because :
      1. Its updated weekly which is impossible to make download all
      2. The size of the file…you realize how big is gonna be the file size?

  77. reborn says:

    Hi! sir how cani download all you’re song one at a time?

  78. yvan says:

    some song links doesnt work

    oblivion and oblivion sc
    on the djmax please update!
    many thanks to you nene

  79. VanessaSiew says:

    Halo, can you help to fix pit-a-pat summer?

  80. Joseller Tirol says:

    hi v3 has no file anymore. can you re-make the file?

  81. Lancelot says:

    Nene pls fix hungarian dance no 5. link is dead 🙁

  82. meme says:

    still cant download recolection

  83. meme says:

    cant dowload victory v remix and visual dream too, sorry spam

  84. yvan says:

    nene do you know a group thatmakes o2mania song

  85. yvan says:

    wedding march link doesnt work

  86. goodolfred says:

    all O2mania song DL links to mediafire are already expired from letters G onwards…. please fix

  87. Jerico says:

    Pls Fix Go Hell and Identity Pt.2,they are deleted files.

  88. damnnigga says:

    please fix rachmaninov rach

  89. Tenshi Terumi says:

    can you please fix The Festival of ghost and The festival of ghost 2..

  90. zuzu says:

    Symphony from the Rock World is ded 🙁

  91. Matthew says:

    Natal angel files are missing

  92. Jerome says:

    Dude thanks, but where can I download songs 02jam songs. TY bro

    • Nene says:

      here like on this thread. Click the first alphabet, click hide to reveal the song and DL link

  93. Leyo says:

    Mad Moon Sonata ojm ojn was removed.

  94. LYLE says:


  95. Draedev says:

    Identity part 3 (shd) files missing,
    please fix. thank you ^^

  96. Shin says:

    cant find LONELY SONG 🙁

  97. LYLE says:


  98. natan says:

    hello could you fix gargoyle please? thanks

  99. johnry says:

    V3 Reincarnated SHD missing…….

  100. Beej says:

    do you have fullmetal panic ost song, tomorrow? can you upload it?

  101. Beej says:

    I found it in “MyO2Songs” but I can’t download the file,can you fix it?

  102. kuya gunther says:

    thee last judgement
    red sign
    and phase 1

  103. DasheXIII says:

    the CLANNAD and KANON ost dont work

  104. Beej says:

    dragon soul,numb,o2,and world end,is a broken link in “my own creation o2jam” thread, can you fix it?

  105. Matthew says:

    slam dunk files are missing

  106. yato says:

    teach me how to download song pls XD

  107. yato says:

    Bat ganun di ako makpag DL 🙁 nene pa turo POO

  108. kevin says:

    Nice \o/

  109. iraso says:

    please fixed natal angel

  110. James says:

    Do you mind sending me/updating the song “Best Love”?

    Thanks in advance!

  111. IFeelLikeThat! says:

    OJN and OJM is removed.

    Song: Song of Pain and William tell.

    That’s the one only. 🙂

  112. IFeelLikeThat! says:

    hey sorry if i requested here, cause in o2jam universal i cannot comment XD.

    okay mp3 pleaseeee i wanted it. Uhh. it’s on o2jam universal 🙂

    and that is, BRIDE IN DREAM REMAKE, thanksss 🙂

    • Nene says:

      i have reply to this type of question, no new MP3 request as per because of my MF(MediaFire) account was terminated because of copyright thingy…im gonna see what will happen for current MP3 file available…

  113. IFeelLikeThat! says:

    Song removed: Song of Vacation.

    That’s all, thxx 🙂

  114. ss says:

    SS removed. plz fix that thanks

  115. I love o2jam & o2mania says:

    I don’t see the ‘music’ folder inside the ‘o2mania’ folder. O.o

  116. I love o2jam & o2mania says:

    I don’t see ‘music’ folder inside ‘o2mania’ folder, please tell me where can I put the ojm & ojn song/s? could just make a folder by myself?

    • Nene says:

      you installing o2client?
      if dont then just create it by yourself.
      it doesnt have to be on “Music” folder on o2mania dir. you can put the file ojm/ojn/bms folder on anywhere as long as you input the right directory on customize where to browse the song location

  117. wyldstrykr says:

    where do i find:
    “two faced lovers” and
    “luka luka night fever”?
    its hard to search for a song

    • Nene says:

      two faced lovers is on o2jam song part IV under “T” section
      Luka Night Fever is on BMS Song part II under “N” section. Named “Night Fever”

    • wyldstrykr says:

      hmmm. i thought that two faced lovers is in the bms section………..

      can i ask where is kimi no shiranai monotagiri?


  118. Haramachi says:

    Excuse me, but “The Way” link ojm and ojn are dead now.
    Please Re-upload, Thank you ^_^//

  119. wyldstrykr says:

    “two faced lovers” and
    “luka luka night fever”? is dead
    can you fixed it? thanks and more power

  120. JamProPh says:

    Sugod mga kapatid song’s Ojm,ojn and image is broken… pls fix

  121. jeffry says:

    nico nico video medley the link is broken 🙁 can you reupload please

  122. Darc says:

    May i know in which part of 02jam song is the opening/closing (i cant remember) of an anime called to aru no railgun. Please thanks 🙂

  123. O2Jam says:

    Love Diary .ojn not working. Says error. Please fix.

  124. O2JamE says:

    Love Diary .ojn not working. Says error. Please fix….

  125. Beej says:

    can i upload o2jam songs here, because i have songs that are not here, and i finally have the song “tomorrow” of fulmetal panic, that is not downloadable in your “MyO2Songs” thread, can I Nene?

  126. Ronald says:

    Dear: Nene

    Hi I`m ronald it`s Okay if I request
    Song For o2mania Title `Whistle by Warak`
    i play it in my O2jam analog in my Androidphone.

    Please be Patient to me
    and sorry for my english

    to: NENE From: Ronald

  127. Michelle says:

    please have rage asylum here. Thank you 🙂

    here’s a reference

  128. Hizuka says:

    please fix Shooting Star and Smooth Criminal. Thanks .. God speed 🙂

  129. wyldstrykr says:

    where do i find “kimi no shiranai monogatari” (BMS) ?


  130. wyldstrykr says:

    also i noticed that you change your link from mediafire to other file sharing service, do you plan to move all the songs?

    • Nene says:

      yeah…had some issue about copyright thingy thanks to unknown someone reporting it >.>…gonna take a long time to fix em all…meanwhile only update when they need to fix it. oh and nope I dont have that BMS currently

  131. ralph says:

    rolling star , pls fix

  132. biio says:

    sry a noob in hir, what player should i use to play the songs??? im currently using an android phone,

    • Nene says:

      what song you mean o.O? preview song on each song? hmmmm…for PC you need Quick Time Player installed first to play…not sure for android one..

  133. alvin says:

    please upload k-on’s music

  134. woi says:

    -still remember you
    -stunt flying (03 remix)
    -trance world

    missing :/

  135. wyldstrykr says:

    honey (by saori sakura)in bms part 2 is broken, can you fix it? thanks

    and where do i find “heart goes boom” i remember that you upload it with luka luka night fever, rain message, butterfly (digimon).

    thanks again and more power

  136. wyldstrykr says:

    could you also fixed “Digimon 1st OP1”
    i didnt find this song because im looking for “butterfly” (facepalm)

    thanks again

  137. wyldstrykr says:

    can you also fixed It:

    Touched An Angel! (bms part 3)
    rain message (bms part 3)
    some like it hot (bms part 3)
    the fate of person (bms part 3)

    thanks again as always~!

  138. wyldstrykr says:

    Forever We Can Make It – is also broken
    can you fixed it?


  139. wyldstrykr says:

    blue bird is also broken


  140. wyldstrykr says:

    “The Story You Don’t Know other” is also broken

    could you fixed this? thanks

  141. wyldstrykr says:

    ” The Story You Don’t Know” in bms part 1 is also broken?
    and where do i find “watashi no koi wa hocchikisu”(My Love is a Stapler) ? i search both titles but didnt find that song. im sure that you upload it in this site.


  142. wyldstrykr says:

    kazahane is also broken

  143. wyldstrykr says:

    god knows piano is also broken
    forgot to say thanks.


  144. asd says:

    can upload visual dream part 2? please ty

  145. BlackShot_SJ09 says:

    how can i download an o2jam songs here? TIA 😀

    • Nene says:

      click the spoiler of alphabet and choose the song, click spoiler again to show the download link

  146. AiM says:

    Canon rock is not working