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O2 Jam Song Part V

In this article you can found all O2 Jam song continue from the 3rd part. Just scroll the letter, click Hide, find the song, click hide again, and see the description of the music, then download what file you want. Enjoy ^_^v!
PS: Some of the song is not in English title and English artist/composer…i get that title/artist/composer name with the help of google translate. Anyone know the real meaning can contribute here and i’ll fix it ^_^. The title/artist/composer what i mean i’ll mark in * behind the name of the song
PSS: Some of the song have the MP3…actually if i want, i can make all, but since it’s so many and REALLY TIRING work, so i only upload few song that already have it’s MP3. If ya want any, go to Q&A thread, and request (R) it
PSSS: Some of the song has no sound. But you can still play it. I’m still finding where i can get the best file. So be patient ^_^. The song will be marked with #


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63 responses to “O2 Jam Song Part V”

  1. Erin says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

  2. crocki says:

    admin where i can find “Shiawase no Iro”
    that is theme song of ah my goddess

  3. Rhea says:

    I like your blackswan song for android, is there a black swan for the original o2jam? I would love to play it on the 7 keys 😀 thanks! best regards to you!

  4. doto says:

    hmm account suspended for the new songs??

  5. mama says:

    Alternate dl Link please 😀

    • Nene says:

      @doto and Mama : there is news about this also on FB group. For time being, new song can be downloaded on alternate download(the 2nd download on DHQ). For older songs that is not having alternate download please tell me which song so I’m gonna make alt download for it…effin hate copyright thingy >.>…

  6. mio-chan says:

    arigato guzaimas nene-chan

  7. windows me says:

    please reupload identity part V… PLEASE…

  8. SAM says:

    I’m looking for HorangPungruewga mp3. (Wanna make ringtone =P

  9. Neil Fuzz says:

    can you make ojm and ojn of HACKING TO THE GAME BY ITOU KANAKO (ANIME: STEINS;GATE) thx

  10. OMG says:

    Thanks. I wait to upload a new song.

  11. chun says:

    Arsgard is not work..
    note is good. but…
    I couldn’t hear any sound..

  12. Filipino says:

    Filipino ka po ba ??

    Bakit meron kayong Filipino songs

  13. murphy says:

    click 1.4 is not working no sound pls fix ty

    • Nene says:

      GOD D**G IT
      Anyone here read the description of symbols mean???
      For countless times, song ended with (1.4) means you have to play it on o2mania 1.4 US version -______________-

  14. murphy says:

    do you have the version of 1.4 ?

  15. murphy says:

    do you have a link to dl version 1.4 of o2mania ?

  16. Mark Anthony says:

    hey nene are you a filipino or american

  17. wyldstrykr says:

    there any chance that the song from o2jam(android) will be transferred to o2jam(o2mania)? because some of the songs are not in the o2mania. and also it is not possible in vice versa unless the difficulty is lowered


    also why the filipino asked questions in their languance since the site is written in english?

  18. Mel says:

    I was wondering if there are songs of “LOVE LIVE: School Idol Project” here? If you don’t have it would be nice if you can make hehe!^_^

  19. Duragon says:

    nico nico douga medley has no sound.. 🙁 </3 can you fix?

  20. Duragon says:

    nico nico douga medley has no sound.. 🙁

  21. renzoperez says:

    Xepher, one with lvl 148 has no sound. :< pls update?

    • Nene says:

      if no sound try play using o2mania 1.4 US version. If there is still no sound configure the sound on the option

  22. Gemini says:

    Thanks O2jam song.

    I find 3 new song. Link Here

    1. Outsider – a loner

    2. Universe

    3. Black Hole -2-[SHD]

  23. Docx says:

    o2ma3400 – Meltdown (Ryu☆ Remix) please. 🙂

  24. Gemini says:

    I also Find a new song.

    -(%%)- [SHD]

    Thanks Upload.

  25. Jellmar says:

    How can I fix with this song that there is no sound when you play it?

  26. Gemini says:

    Hello. I find Black Hole -4-[SHD]

    Link Here

    Thanks. O2jam Song

  27. GAPP says:


    Mixing Pleasure 4 (O2jam song)

    Plz Upload.

  28. Gemini says:

    Hello. 3rd Black Hole [SHD] Song.

    Link Here.

    Black Hole -3- [SHD]

    Thanks. O2jam song

  29. shadeprotocol says:

    Is there a reason why Black Swan has no audio but notes in O2 MANIA?

    • Nene says:

      try play the Black Swan using o2mania 1.4 US version first. If that doesn’t resolve configure your audio card setting. If still not work hell I don’t know

  30. OOO says:

    What o2mania versions did you used to test a song?

  31. Doyong says:

    Visual Dream II doesn’t have sounds 🙁

  32. red says:

    the click at by claris does not have sound 🙁 sad

  33. Rache says:

    Hi admin. Can you make a search engine for this page so that we could easily know if the song we are finding is here or not. It take so much hassle and time to check all albums especially when the song we want is not really here. Thanks !

  34. ExpertieZ says:

    Is this blog still active?

  35. levixavier regner says:

    hi, do you have the song of END TIME[GENESIS DIE] ?
    and the song end time says that the file has been deleted kindly fix ty

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