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O2 Jam Song Part IV

In this article you can found all O2 Jam song continue from the 3rd part. Just scroll the letter, click Hide, find the song, click hide again, and see the description of the music, then download what file you want. Enjoy ^_^v!
PS: Some of the song is not in English title and English artist/composer…i get that title/artist/composer name with the help of google translate. Anyone know the real meaning can contribute here and i’ll fix it ^_^. The title/artist/composer what i mean i’ll mark in * behind the name of the song
PSS: Some of the song have the MP3…actually if i want, i can make all, but since it’s so many and REALLY TIRING work, so i only upload few song that already have it’s MP3. If ya want any, go to Q&A thread, and request (R) it
PSSS: Some of the song has no sound. But you can still play it. I’m still finding where i can get the best file. So be patient ^_^. The song will be marked with #


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204 responses to “O2 Jam Song Part IV”

  1. thank you for the music!.. :))

  2. shal says:

    hi nice collection of songs..
    can i request a songs like -secretbase(scandal) and hello(YUI) thanks

  3. amatur o2jammer says:

    can u upload kiss the rain and river flow on me

  4. amatur o2jammer says:

    can u upload kiss the rain, river flow on you, first love if u have..tq..:)

    • Nene says:

      Kiss the rain and river flow on you is on BMS section. For First Love….uh…what version? Utada Hikaru? Try My Creation Song

  5. Syl says:

    can you upload the opening and the ending of the anime Vampire Knight?? Thanks

  6. Luffyax says:

    Is there any way to search for the song we want?? Instead of going through all the pages and checking through all the pages

  7. korewa2 says:

    oh my Ireally need/want future gazer (fripside)

    And Triple Baka (Miku Hatsune) T^T

  8. denmark says:

    can you back the mp3 corner page? I just want to download the mp3 files because i dont have a pc. Thanks.

    • Nene says:

      The MP3 section has been removed because I was planned to merge into song thread. Which song do you want to be reupload?

      • denmark says:

        if youre not busy can you upload all the original o2jam music files? Not a made one. I just want them all on my cp. Sorry for my high demand. I really love o2jam. Thanks.

        • Nene says:

          what do you mean music files?

          • denmark says:

            i mean the original songs of o2jam. The songs that we can see if we play o2jam online. Like fly magpie and many more. I hope you grant my request. Merry xmas. :]

          • Nene says:

            I thought there is already of them in o2jam section no? There is 4 part, so seek what you want. Or maybe you ask about MP3 file? Tell me what song do you want?

  9. korewa2 says:

    Ummmmmm Future Gazer Doesn’t Have A Sound??

    • Nene says:

      @Randy and korewa2 : Forgive for late answer for this issue. Basically I just forgot to add some info. For the solution, please see the new edited o2mania tutorial as well as meet new icon on new song : (1.4)!
      Still don’t understand, please hestitate to ask 😛

  10. korewa2 says:

    Woah…… I think we need new and advance version of O2mania…….well just wondering

  11. Bugh says:

    is there any o2jam files for persona OST ??

    thx for the song ..

  12. ryan villorente says:


    THANK YOU =)

  13. yeah yeah says:

    hey where are the ojn and ojm file of kiss in the rain/river flows in you its only the bms i dont know how to convert it pls help me

  14. yeah yeah says:

    pls dont want bms need ojm ojn file of river flows in you and kiss in the rain

  15. APIV says:

    Do you have I Say Yes – Zero no Tsukaima in ojm and ojn file and find this song:
    Shiny gate – Shoko nakagawa

  16. rafif says:

    do you have stargazer by miku,please add this song

  17. Akaiteddy says:

    Oppa Gangnam style was epic. HAHA. Thanks alot.

  18. Rolan says:

    Where can i find Pure in Asia?

  19. korewa2 says:

    Yeah the legendary a little dream by M2U……..I must have it thanks admin

  20. Anton says:

    Ty so much for the song… ^_^ v
    hope this web keep update..

  21. Renz says:

    Where is the MP3 section?

    • Nene says:

      MP3 section is removed. Instead if you want MP3 of specific song, post in related thread what song you want then I’ll upload it

      • Renz says:

        Where will you upload?

        • Nene says:

          depends on what mp3 you want. for example you want “Ievan Polkka” song that is listed on this page(o2jam song part IV). Then ask about this here, and soon I’ll upload the MP3 in same page. Applies to all thread

  22. Ferli says:

    payphone ojm is not working T_T

  23. Ferli says:

    now payphone is working, i dont know what happen.. but simple plan – take my hand is not working xD

  24. tompso says:

    please, can make a music of castlevania symphony of the night? (all ver.)

  25. APIV says:

    IDENTITY PART 5.. its not mine and the video is not mine… i wanted to share it to you IDENTITY FANS and SHK fans. hahah.. I prefer the identity part 4 better hahaha

  26. FarixsanQ says:

    ur awesome 🙂

  27. aaa says:

    acid rain lvl 166.. please it’s broken

  28. aaa says:

    bright stream 142 please, cross field lvl please

  29. aaa says:

    Astral Bring To Peace lvl 82 please

  30. aaa says:

    Border of Life ~ The Black Cherry Blossom please… >.<

    • Nene says:

      All the file you ask is still there. If you don’t know how to download please don’t spam

  31. Dian says:

    I cannot download ‘invitation’ .ojn
    Please help..
    Thank youu

  32. penguinz says:

    The grimore of alice music file is not working?

  33. penguinz says:

    Wrong song, it seems to be playing eternal reassurance

  34. human says:

    I found a rare song.
    Try download.At least you are not will not be disappointed.

    Disconnected -HardKore-[SHD] Lv176(hard)

    Go To McDonald!! Lv41(hard)

    TSUHSUIXAMUSH Lv46(hard)

  35. penguinz says:

    any guide on how to improve in this game?

  36. doto says:

    is there any other sites where i can download more music??

  37. xKuroko says:

    Guys, do we have and songs from the Oratorio The World God Only Knows?

  38. Charlon says:

    Christmas Memories RN’s OJM has no sound.

  39. Gene.Infinity says:

    Melody OJM has no sound… :'(((

  40. Kazaki says:


    (Shingeki no Kyojin)
    Guren no Yumiya
    Jiyuu no Tsubasa
    Artist: Linked Horizon

    (Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club)
    Splash Free
    Ever Blue
    Artist: Style Five

    Artist: Zedd ft. Foxes

    P.S. If I missed it here please link it to me. If it was not made yet then it’s okay – I don’t really want to request it but if it’s there then I want a download link. Thanks!

  41. Kyle says:

    Please make hatsune miku – world end’s dancehall. TY

  42. NARUTO (YVAN E. PAEZ) says:



  43. IceMinTz says:

    ei have 1 complate all song in this part IV ?

  44. John Gabriel says:

    Hello! Thank you for this wonderful website! 😀 You are awesome! Could you please send me a link to the FB group, so I can join? I can’t seem to find it in search. Thanks!!! (^^,)

  45. Daryl says:

    I can’t seems to find Mezame by Yuki Kajiura. May I know where to get this song? Thanks

  46. JcZ says:

    Hi. You have a great collection and it was very useful for me. Thank you very much.

    I have some questions if you don’t mind

    Do you have this version of rein no sekai ?

    and, do you know what o2jam is this ?

  47. DigitalFilesMidnight says:

    Request: Only U By M2u

  48. bryan says:

    y the songs are no music?the songs are silent how cn i fixed?

    • Nene says:

      Tell me what music has no sound
      If there is no sound how about playing it o2mania 1.4 version?

  49. JMB says:

    I can’t find Identity part IV anywhere. I got the OJM file but I can’t find the OJN file.

    • Nene says:

      thats funny…the only(currently) identity part IV was on BMS only
      don’t have for the o2jam currently

  50. Niro says:

    Halcyon link doesn’t work *Q*

  51. Randypau says:

    please fix the link on media fire
    many songs error

  52. wo34 says:

    The final countdown (Note by Freefire) have two version doesnt work. Please fix one. Thank you ‘v’

  53. Jokar says:

    Can you please fix the link of the following
    -only my railgun
    -make my day
    -burst gravity
    -dive into the world
    -high school of the dead
    -last cross
    -crossing field
    -innocence (full ver)
    -cartoon heroes

    i’d really appriciate and thank you for doing me a big favor.

  54. Happy says:

    can you please fix the following:
    -dive into the world
    -burst gravity
    -only my railgun
    -innocence (fullver)
    -crossing field
    -future gazer
    -god knows
    -heartful cry
    -highschool of the dead
    -level 5 jugde
    -loop the loop
    -last cross
    -make my day
    -red lotus bow and arrow
    -salieri strikesback
    – taiyo Iwaku Moekyo Chaos

    please let me know if fix any these links
    Thank you very much.

  55. Happy says:

    please fix the High school of the dead, innocence and innocent donwload link.

  56. Aaron says:

    Please fix Bagsakan DL link. Thank you~

  57. Creaxtl12 says:

    plz fix the mediafire errors so many somg i want to download but im unable to.

  58. Shin says:

    psss fix the Lonely song 🙁

  59. wyldstrykr says:

    can you also fixed “Eternal Resurrence”


  60. Sir Fix Ievan Polkka At *I* Selection Please

  61. Trancer says:

    Fix The “Ievan Polkka” Link Please

  62. Len says:

    can you fix little star, please? thanks before

  63. den3 says:

    please fix new divide

  64. CLOuD StI_Ife says:

    can you upload final fantasy vii-let the battles begin please

  65. Lorpy says:

    Would like to download
    Heavy Rotation(JKT48 version)
    Heavy Rotation(SNH48 version)

    Could you reupload?

  66. CLOuD StI_Ife says:

    please fix titania the fairy queen and please add crisic core vengeance on the world

  67. CLOuD StI_Ife says:

    fix dont say lazy

  68. kuya gunther says:

    nene it seems that mediafire deleted the uranus and flower songs can u fix it or either way if not just give me a link perhaps thanks! 🙂

  69. CLOuD StI_Ife says:

    fix final fantasy medley

  70. CLOuD StI_Ife says:

    fix down with the sickness

  71. kuya gunther says:

    the evening star and
    call me maybe?

  72. chun says:

    O2jam song part IV , Oboetete li yo , dom’t work.
    fix it plz.. (T x T)

  73. tantor says:

    Pls fix
    Sleeping Terror

  74. tantor says:

    Before Dawn daybreak too,
    sorry for spam…

  75. jaysonPH says:

    fix immortal pls

  76. Creaqxtl12 says:

    Can anyone fix the dl link of Agony or give me another dl link thnx :3

  77. juntue says:

    harlem shake all version cant download and kiyomi song, kiyomi song speed core, nyan cat, payphone and the glory of love

  78. anonymous says:

    joint and days of dash download not working…

  79. chun says:

    suppuration core and vanilla salt is don’t work
    fix it plz..

  80. rj says:

    please fix dragon rave

  81. CLOuD StI_Ife says:

    pleas fix the battle of everyone’s souls and the medley of pokemon

  82. Paul says:

    Pls fixed Kara – Honey

    Plsss i want to play this song in o2mania

  83. rj says:

    please fix judas 😀

  84. rj says:

    please be happy

  85. yujin says:

    please fix Cirno’s Perfect Math Class -Off Vocal version- thanks in advance

  86. Len says:

    please fix late in autumn , thanks 🙂

  87. lololol says:

    plz fix 3songs
    supermassive blackhole
    my heart will go on

  88. renseiryuu says:

    Please fix Holy Knight. Thanks

  89. Hew Yoong Shern says:

    can you kindly fix all the song in this website. TY

  90. OMG says:

    WTF TSU Series songs? It’s crazy.

  91. Hew says:

    pure ruby not working

  92. Hew says:

    freedom dive also not working

  93. Nana says:

    please fix the digimon theme song
    brave heart..
    thank you
    both files results in mediafire error.

  94. James Ryan says:

    Hi Bro can you fix the
    Shichitenhakki Shijou Shugi
    and colorless wind? ty bro

  95. Lee says:

    Plz fix the dream high and eternal reality THANKS!!!

  96. Hew says:

    →Unfinished→ not working

  97. Hew says:

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Syndrome not working

  98. Hew says:

    Aqua Marine not working

  99. Hew says:

    Heaven is a Place On Earth

  100. Hew says:

    help fix being

  101. Hizuka says:

    Please fix By Chance(O2 ver)*.. Thanks 🙂

  102. Mark Anthony says:

    plss fix the ff

    gangnam style
    gangnam style shd
    gangnam style uhd

  103. Mark Anthony says:

    plss also fix

    azer diablo
    mario airship theme plss thanks
    very much

  104. Mark Anthony says:

    plss fix also paint it back by rolling stones

  105. Mark Anthony says:

    can you fix all songs plss

    i will be back soon

    • Nene says:

      “fix all songs”…
      apparently you need to reconsider and think I’m busy in real life too so thats impossible I can fix all in a snap…just one by one
      one more time asking “fix all” I’ll mark as spam
      seriously think about my work too -_-

  106. Mark Anthony says:

    plss fix all bms songs i cant download all of them

  107. Mark Anthony says:

    Mario airship theme

    tell me if you fixed that

  108. Xenon01 says:

    pls fix Lonely Song RN 🙂

  109. Xenon01 says:

    pls fix Christmas Memories RN 🙂 thank you 🙂

  110. Isengard2014 says:

    I cant download End of Fight Round 2.
    Can you please fix it?
    thank you very much
    Love O2 Jam !

  111. owen says:

    please fix sign by flow. can’t download it. thank you 🙂

  112. Mel says:

    All links in mediafire are not working anymore, I cant download lots of music.

  113. Nakebi says:

    Please fix vampire killer(extended version)

  114. Icon says:

    First of all, thanks for this website.

    I would just like to request you to reup the Only my Railgun and the Eurobeat version of it as well. It will be very appreciated. Thank you!

  115. Black Hole says:

    Oh no Black Hole 4 & 6 Link Down.

    Please Fix

  116. Black Hole says:

    May I ask one more time?

    Emerald Sword
    Speedcore 300
    Thorough Pinata Dicking Amateur
    Unholy War Cry

    4 Song Link Please Fix

  117. Gemini says:

    Hmm All mediafire Link Break.

    Crazy Winter SHD
    Cry For Eternity
    FFFFF(Noodle Ver)*
    Soldier of The Wasteland -Short ver-
    Super Mario Ceremony
    Through The Fire and Flames
    Venus Strike

    This song plz fix Thanks.

  118. BlueNote08 says:

    Air is down, please fix it, I badly want to play that song :/

    Thanks in advance!

    • sunny13 says:

      i really wanted to download the full version of this got like 6knotes :O. but instead i downloaded this version somewhere in the net. do u have the full ver of this, i can email you this version.

  119. seth says:

    Please fix:
    Nico Nico Douga Medley -Final Mix-
    Nico Nico Douga Medley -Orchestra-
    Nico Nico Medley Part II(Ryuuseigun Chaos)

    Thank you! 🙂

  120. sunny13 says:

    Hi nene, Do you have the Full version of Air? i think it has like 6k notes like i saw on youtube (AIR GOD). i really loveed it. just maybe u have it, thanks in advance 😀

    • Nene says:

      nope sorry don’t think I have that so far

      • sunny13 says:

        oh snap. its ok. btw, i can’t believe you’re running this site for so long and for free! really appreciated by us o2jam lovers. Thanks for your efforts bro. Kudos! 😀

  121. Lad says:

    Hi im looking for “Memory of Mother by- A Little Snow Fairy Sugar OST” its a good piano melody song.. im sure you dont have it but ~ please can you make a note for o2mania song ._.) maybe some piano listener knows about it and want to play it so Please 😀 // thanks~!


    • Nene says:

      I don’t make notechart anymore…perhaps you could ask some of the noter on the FB group

      • Lad says:

        Oh~ Ok thanks..request is still pending on FB group :V can’t wait someone create a note for me… 😀 are you an admin in “Palace of sound” (FB group)?

  122. Charles says:

    seems like Joker -Another- link’s broken

  123. TheOne says:

    Those Who Fight Further link is broken 🙁

  124. the ‘promise’ojn/ojm is broken .. please fix it

  125. Dan says:

    I’m so happy by RYU is broken, would appreciate if you can fix it 🙂

  126. Eisherz says:

    Hello can you please fix Parousia Last Judgement. thanks!

  127. Angelo says:

    I did try to Download all songs but some song files are not available anymore i cant name them all but at least try to fix it thanks!

    • Nene says:

      why you dont tell me what songs needed to be repaired? I too do some real world work you know so basically I can’t online 24/7 fixing here and there. TLDR kindly please do tell me what song needed to be repaired?

  128. James says:

    Jamming Madness SHD on O2Jam Songs Part I isn’t working anymore.

  129. Kadaj says:

    La Campanella link is broken,please fix.

  130. Yaku says:

    wrinkle link is broken,please fix.