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O2 Jam Song Part III

In this article you can found all O2 Jam song continue from the 2nd part. Just scroll the letter, click Hide, find the song, click hide again, and see the description of the music, then download what file you want. Enjoy ^_^v!
PS: Some of the song is not in English title and English artist/composer…i get that title/artist/composer name with the help of google translate. Anyone know the real meaning can contribute here and i’ll fix it ^_^. The title/artist/composer what i mean i’ll mark in * behind the name of the song
PSS: Some of the song have the MP3…actually if i want, i can make all, but since it’s so many and REALLY TIRING work, so i only upload few song that already have it’s MP3. If ya want any, go to Q&A thread, and request (R) it
PSSS: Some of the song has no sound. But you can still play it. I’m still finding where i can get the best file. So be patient ^_^. The song will be marked with #


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98 responses to “O2 Jam Song Part III”

  1. ToyWarX says:

    Aquaris Remix is broken, thank you ^^

  2. adi says:

    pliss fix ojn ignited night

  3. Ennio says:

    pls fix R3 Remix Kakumei 🙂 tnx

  4. Penny says:

    DVDX is deleted. 🙁 Thanks! 🙂

  5. Suzetsu says:

    Pls fix the You was born to be loved(original) o2m

  6. Faris says:

    et buset keren banget nih web.. gak nyangka, orang indo O_o! dari 2010 ane liat kesini tapi belom buka profil.. XD makasih ya!!

  7. kerpie says:

    dreaming nomico baron trance ojn nya ngak bisa bro!!! tolongin >.<

  8. Szeszi says:

    thx for fixing dreaming

  9. Charlon says:

    Don’t worry. Take your time to upload these broken links.
    Better Spent on Yuan
    Burning Up!!!
    Confession Song
    ESPERE(O2 Short Version)
    Super Mario

  10. Voyboy says:

    nasaan yung opening song ng slam dunk di ko kase makita eh

  11. Zehel says:

    ojn for Explosive III missing

  12. ChiYianLee says:

    cannot download Blood On Fire other
    please fix it~~

  13. IDEMAN says:

    how to download all?

  14. Roivin says:

    wheres the fly magpie?

  15. Ayie Ramle says:

    O2Jam Song Part III > Symphony No.40 SC unable to download.

  16. Mark Lee says:

    where can i find air asia

  17. Mark Lee says:

    im sorry it was plain asia

  18. Link For Xepher Fix Please

  19. Techno00Trancer says:

    Harder Better Faster Stronger

    Please Fix

  20. wo34 says:

    Plz Fix
    Soda love (Shk)

  21. Gabri says:

    Marisa Stole It – HC Style
    Marisa Stole The Precious Mahjong Things
    Marisa Stole The Precious Mahjong Things SHD
    Can you fix those ones, please? I’m kinda addicted to the song xD
    Thanks in advance ;w;

  22. gosho says:

    crosstime brandnew world bang bang bang why i cant download the ojm, ojn files what happend nene oh no this can’t be please fix it send a reply mail to my email thank you

  23. tantor says:

    is Melt,That’s miku reimu SHD,Lunatic Blue, broken?

  24. Lorpy says:

    Could you fix Evangelion-An Angel of Cruel and Kimi Ga Ireba please?

  25. ShadowMc says:

    Fantasie Impromptu Mix, Radiance, Silent Scream, Triangle broken… thank you…

  26. JK776 says:

    Hello! 2014 will end soon but i saw almost 99% of your files per part are deleted/invalid it’s 100% waste of time looking for downloads so please fix this A.S.A.P.

    • Nene says:

      I also have reply to this type of question…due to my MF account is terminated thx to copyright thingy, all MF file is invalid.
      I can’t just fix them all cause I have to upload them all and that costs so much time. And because I have real work to do that cuts my time as well, so for time being please ask which need to be repaired

  27. James Ryan says:

    sir can you fix the Colorless Wind

  28. Creaxtl12 says:

    Saikyo pare parade is broken. THNx in advance

    can you give me o2mania id of the songchart thnx again

  29. merochi says:

    Gengaozo Reload Version
    Red sign 2
    Symphony of The Seas
    The Game of Love (E=MC2 Mix) SHD other
    Until You Come Back HD
    Visual Dream !! SHD
    toy war other
    please fix these songs. thanks!

  30. neikichi says:

    nene can u reupload canon (orgel version) thanks.. if possible make a canon song pack too ^o^v

  31. Mark Anthony says:

    plss fix the following:

    earth quake
    earth quake shd
    earth quake uhd


  32. Mark Anthony says:

    lss fix all songs in letter a

  33. wyldstrykr says:

    could you fixed tori no uta?

    thanks in advance! thanks!

  34. Matthew says:

    lost my Music by Aya hirano is Broken?

  35. owen says:

    please fix colors here at ojsong iii
    and 88 at bms iii. thank you 🙂

  36. owen says:

    i can’t download it. please fix colors here at ojsong iii
    and 88 at bms iii. thank you 🙂

  37. irazz says:

    please fix you was born to be loved pleeaasseeeeeeeeeeee

  38. Ryan says:

    Hi, Vijore is broken. Please fix 🙂

  39. aceyoink says:

    mate i cannot download after a thousand years.. can it be fixed?

  40. aceyoink says:

    after a thousand years is okay now. Thank you very muuuuuch mate! 😀

  41. Leyo Modder says:

    Succubus please fix this and thank you 🙂

  42. wilhelm says:

    death moon2 is broken. please kindly fix it:)

  43. roy says:

    R3 Remix Kakumei is broken. Could you fix this song? thank you

  44. Allen says:

    The gypsy maid ojm broken

  45. vin says:

    distro x is missing or deleted please fix 🙁

  46. Julius says:

    Pina Colada
    Prelude of Moonlight


  47. RacheSensei says:

    Is there a song named Unravel Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul theme) and a song from Attack on Titan (GUren no yumiya) not the piano version please.

  48. Mai says:

    Plz fix Grieg Piano Variations

  49. MarshallSarlie says:

    Chopsticks March link is broken.. pls fix it..
    Thanks in advance..

  50. MarshallSarlie says:

    Everything in this p8ge is broken..

    • Nene says:

      tell me what song need to fix since I’m pretty busy as well…As for why it has all been removed, previously I used Mediafire but some ppl reporting my file about copyright thingy thats why my account on MF got deleted

  51. MarshallSarlie says:

    Thanks Nene..

    BTW, do you have the songs:
    U It Is Distant; and
    Back for more

    If you do, please upload it..
    Well, im sorry if im taking to much requests..

  52. MarshallSarlie says:

    Ok to sum up…
    Where can I find the ff?:
    Better Spent on Yuan
    Have to Love;and
    Back for more

    • Nene says:

      better spent on yuan > changed name into Flower Full Moon* for better translation due that its old name which is I’m still stupid af to name and understand google translate
      Have To Love > changed into Cannot Not Love* same reason as above…
      back for more pending later to be fixed

      • MarshallSarlie says:

        Thanks for responding..

        I saw a page here that have the list of IDs
        I found 455 and it says “I Watched”..
        I already looked into 6 parts but I cant find it..
        What is the new name of it?

  53. MarshallSarlie says:

    I’ll help you on the translation of other Korean songs..
    I refer to the Official List of O2Jam songs..
    Check it out here..

  54. Sozaikc says:

    Please fix ‘Cannot Not Love*’
    Thank you

  55. GumiHo says:

    Please Fix !!
    O2jam Song Part IV “Border of Life The Black Cherry Blossom”

    (_ _)

  56. GumiHo says:

    Please Fix !!!
    O2JAM SONG Part IV “Rebellion Anthem”

    PLZ !!!!!! ( __ )

  57. Lewiz says:

    Anu , banyak file yang dihapus di drivenya sama file hostingnya

  58. Reishin says:

    i think you need to change file hosting as lots of them are either broken or removed.

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