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Newly Added

New song recently has been added (and sometimes new other file). This thread only tells you what song that has been (just been added i mean) to this blog, and you can check at the related song thread.
– The song in Black is the new O2 Jam song
– The song in Blue is my created song… You can check at “my created ojm song” thread
– The song in Green is the DJMAX song
– The song in Purple is the BMS song
– The song in Orange is the MyO2 song
– The song in Red is the O2 Universal song
– Legend List :
(A) : the song has animation. currently this symbol can be seen at DJMAX, BMS and MyO2 song. Check the thread for more info.
(F) : the song need to extract in the new folder with the name folder with the same name song. Currently this symbol is for BMS song. Check the thread for more info.
(S) : the song has a special difficulty. This symbol can be seen at BMS and MyO2 (For MyO2 case its always MX difficulty). Check the thread for more info.
(M) : the song has a multiple or different song. Currently this symbol is for BMS song. Check the thread for more info.
* : the song might have wrong title / artist / creator. This symbol can be seen at o2jam, DJMAX, BMS and MyO2 song.
# : the song is broken. Means no sound when play but you can still play. This symbol can be seen at o2jam, and BMS song.
4K : MyO2 release new feature on the game. Its the 4K mode. The song all is different and you cant play any song that is normally released before. Check the MyO2 song for what song it is. Marked as (4K) in Today’s new song
5K / 7K : the song can be play at either 5 or 7 key. This can be seen at DJMAX song. Check the thread for more info.
(FT) : Free Time. This unique feature is a feature which at certain point of time in music the game bar will disappear and you can enjoy the movie. Use this to relax your finger and watch the movie. Careful cos FT is not long so be prepare to play again. This unique feature is for MyO2.
(SSK) : Special Skin. Song that have this symbol means MUST BE PLAYED using 8K (8 Key) skin. Why? Because at the song there is the 8th key that will be used for playing (Now i know why there is 8 key <.<). Change the 8th key at the option>key as you wish. Currently this symbol is for BMS.
(B) : Beatmania Song. This icon means that this song is from Beatmania series. I just add it to make it difference from other song that has same song which created by someone. Just lets say this marks as original file song :D. This icon appears on BMS section
7/14K, ANT7/14, LGT7/14, HYP7/14, BGN7/14 : This is special difficulty for original beatmania song. All of this difficulty need to be played on SSK type Mania Skin in order to see the 8th Key
(U) : the song that has this symbol, means there is new update such as new file included to play. The updated file is on RAR file. Make sure you have WinRAR. This symbol ONLY can be seen at “Today’s New Song” and “Newly Added” thread. So you will not see this symbol at the specific song thread.
(1.4) : The song need to be played using o2mania 1.4.2 US version

This month added song’s :
1. Alice Unclearly Remembered The Previous Lyrics
2. Blust of Wind(B)(S)(SSK)
3. Bounce Bounce Bounce(B)(A)(S)(SSK)*
4. Succubus SHD
5. The Magic Key(F)*
6. World of Our Own other(F)*

New song :
7. Broken Eden(B)(S)(SSK)
8. Cansei d S NIK(B)(A)(S)(SSK)
9. Chocola a la Folie EX*
10. Electric Romeo
11. Faraway Dream(F)*
12. Song of a Toast(F)*

83 responses to “Newly Added”

  1. LeinadO says:

    Can you please make

    Heaven – Ailee
    Baby Baby – 4Men
    Baby Don’t Cry – Daesung
    Let It Rain – Girls’ Generation

    Many thanks! 😀

  2. APIV says:

    I’ve created a new renoted song of Identity at First. And I was wondering if you could share, rate or give comments on my renoted version. Hope you like it.

    Please read the Notepad in the folder.

  3. korewa2 says:

    Ummmm…..Future Gazer Don’t Have sounds….??

  4. Randy says:

    Why Innocence don’t have sounds ?????

  5. mie says:

    Can you please make

    monster- big bang

  6. kevin says:

    where can i find english pop songs? thanks 🙂

  7. Zero says:

    can you please make Friday of CN Blue

  8. XxMETALxX says:

    hey guys pls make some rock songs, not only for anime plsss!! tnx.

  9. Riseshine says:

    Nene.. would you please make 1 for o2mania? the song is called “Manae no nai Kaibutsu” from Psycho Pass^^

  10. Riseshine says:

    Hello Nene.. would you please make 1 for o2mania? the song called “Namae no nai Kaibutsu” from Psycho Pass^^

  11. tim says:

    can i join the group on facebook?? my name there is timothy padin…

  12. APIV says:

    Do you have DEATH IDENTITY MOON i dunno who created it but i want to try it….
    for more info for the song

    What’s the name of your group can i join?

  13. Moonsoul23 says:

    Where can I get Irony by Claris not the SHD version? I really want the song to be played on O2mania.

  14. DarkArchon says:

    can you give me a link on how to make my own notes?

    i just want to learn on making notes too!! 😀

  15. Onin says:

    How can i download songs in Myo2 song list there only a demo but no download link like OJM or something coz i want to download for my o2maniaenglish please help ASAP

    • Nene says:

      MyO2 isnt downloadable to be played on o2mania. MyO2 is Flash web based game so you cant download and play it on o2mania. although there are few songs on MyO2 is available on O2Jam, DJMAX or BMS

      • Onin says:

        SO why cant i play the song Irony by claris in myo2 its gone.. :(( can u explain me why and how can i play it again.. additional to that i cant also register in myo2 because its chinese i dont know a thing about registering.. :(( help here

        • Nene says:

          currently MyO2 server is down
          EDIT : The server is up. About registering…well I heard now you need to pay in order to register

  16. Rolan says:

    Where can i find Pure in Asia?

  17. Unknown says:

    Heroes of Our time. DragonForce 🙂

  18. Lenoxin says:

    Can Add Again(it is the song title) Of Full Metal Alchemist or can you create it

  19. Yobu says:

    Hi, where can i download the song of Code Geass which name is “World’s End”. Can someone give me the link please or add me in FB and pm me there. Here’s my FB , hope you help me guys. Thanks in Advanced ^_^

  20. APIV says:

    To those who are Death Moon and Identity Fans, The Death Identity Moon, LVL. 77 Easy to Hard.

    Download link:
    Video: (not mine)

    Thanks… ^_^
    PS. i didn’t created the notechart or the remix

    Thanks to Nene in advance… ^_^

  21. JohnPeralta says:

    do you have k-on songs?? plsss.. upload

  22. inchann says:

    please make volcanic hd. a song played by genesis.

  23. Wo says:

    Can anyone tell me where’s Gentleman (not SHD ver)?

  24. TheMainplayer says:

    Can you pls make Big Blue from F-Zero

  25. skippy says:

    Can someone give me a link for What does the fox say?… pls email me

  26. docomo says:

    when i look at o2jam wiki there are more than 10 epik high song. i could only find 1 in here (love love love). would you mind telling where is the rest or there aren’t ?

    • Nene says:

      that I still find it. If you have source or have the file, why not share it? This blog is like where I gather o2jam, BMS song in one place. Most of it is from sharing

  27. Sakura says:

    please make:

    Sense of Wonder by Idoling!!!

    Fairy Tail Opening 2

    really want this!

  28. Ghiin says:

    Please add second Hungarian rhapsody on o2mania songs 😀

  29. Azazel says:

    nano’s songs please :3

  30. Shinn says:

    How about SNK’s OP 1 and 2?

  31. freezknkoy says:

    Please make some Love Live Songs. <3

  32. mr someone says:

    can you give me the link of just awake- fear and loathing in last vegas?

  33. Verethragna says:

    can you please try to make “unravel” or “fight 4 real” tnx ^_^

  34. Hizuka says:

    Can we have the song ‘Out of my League’, please?
    thanks 🙂

  35. Minaru says:

    Can I request for “Glitter (Starving Trancer Remix)”
    It is the ED of Fairy Tail Volume 16

    thanks 🙂

  36. Harvey says:

    Hello, can i please get the download link for Revival On HD? i’ve been waiting for it to get into the new songs so that i can download it but it’s taking too long. Also, Wonderland Remix by Warak and Jimmy. Please help me get these awesome arranged song. Thanks 🙂

    (I click the show button but it only shows the description, no download link. :))

    • Nene says:

      its the O2U app on iOS. What do you expect? you have to download the app on your android to play the game

  37. PhAN says:

    please make Blank Space- Taylor Swift
    but the level not too hard

  38. Phan says:

    Blank Space

  39. ririmon says:

    hello, The link for Hare Hare Yukai(F) does not work T_T

  40. Seripa Vos says:

    thankyou for adding my charts n_n

  41. Ghernyll says:


    Can you make a ojm/ojn for the song Hikaru Nara by Goosehouse (from the anime Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso/ Your Lie in April). Thanks again.

    • Nene says:

      not making O2 Chart again. You should ask the member of the FB group. There are some notecharter there. Just search Palace of Sound on FB

  42. Mark says:

    Are you still active? can you re upload the TMNT 03 DOD Remix*? it doesn’t work anymore :<

    • Nene says:

      fixed. next time ask about this on the “problem” post. Example this repair request should be posted at BMS Song Part 1 since that is the location for the problem song. Thank you btw

      • Mark says:

        I see, thank you 🙂 and sorry xD i’m kinda of a old generation gamer, so, since this is my first time commenting, i would like to apologize. XD also would you mind, if you could fix the Don’t say lazy – K-on and Canon rock songs? xD (really sorry for asking much, it’s just that i miss playing these songs and this game ofc.)

        • Mark says:

          oh wait wait, since most of the songs i’m looking for are on BMS 1,2, and 3, can you like.. re upload? please? :c and make them RAR, coz zip files aren’t avail for DL, due to the mediafire error. (REALLY, really sorry.)

        • Nene says:

          i thought both of that song already fixed no…?

          • Mark says:

            yeah the ones i requested are fixed, but the other songs in the BMS pack, namely part 1 2 and 3 are not. :<

          • Nene says:

            tell what songs need to be fixed though can’t fix them all at once due I also have a job here and busy and technically only have some time to edit things 🙂

  43. Julius Venz says:

    Uhm. I want to request some original o2jam songs to be re-charted or to have new note charts. I was looking for your group but I am yet to be accepted. I hope this would be noticed. Thanks!

  44. liiiiin says:

    hey, can i have a reupload request?, if you have a plenty of time i just want to download cry cry by t-ara on bms part III, thanks in advance. but if the song cant be re uploaded its okay

  45. Thomas says:

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 vhdqo

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