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26 responses to “MyO2”

  1. Forever914 says:

    May I ask,How can I play MyO2 song?Did I need Create a New folder for MyO2 n each song Just like BMS Song?

    • Nene says:

      No. MyO2 is a Flash web game. Go to its site to play

      • hanemo says:

        hello ..can i ask how to register there ? i cant join there i cant understand whats the code and where can i get the code to register there plss help me i want to play this game

        • Nene says:

          for these days registration I have no idea as well haha…they said you have to pay in order to register. Since I register when its free, so no problem but now I dont know…

  2. Forever914 says:

    This Myo2 Song can play At o2mania ?

  3. Forever914 says:

    How to download song For Myo2?

  4. korewa2 says:

    It looks like it was on maintenance or downed site or sometin’…………….can’t find the page??

  5. shtzu says:

    hey were can i download songs for 02mania

  6. o2player says:

    can u make some naruto or bleach older season song?? like afterdark or sumthing?

  7. Daisuke006 says:

    Please can you make all of these:
    ALL Fairytail OP’s
    Black Rock Shooter (OP)
    Namida no Mukou
    Daybreak’s Bell

    I know it is too many but that’s all for know
    Please I beg you to make these

  8. Onin says:

    Can i ask how can i register to myo2 to play all of their previous songs..? because i once asked here u replied the songs arent downloadable their being played through the site myo2.allcombo right?.
    so how cna i register because my pc cant translate the chinese thingy.. pls help ASAP -_-

    • Nene says:

      apparently when I register, its still free. I heard now you have to pay in order to register. Beats me how to pay now ._.

  9. 巨根少年 says:

    i’m a chinese player of o2jam and myo2.
    happen to find this website.
    now myo2 need invite code to register and you must login to play all songs of myo2 or you can only play a few songs.
    here are some invite code:

    here to register:

    a simple myo2 client(can full screen and save music file of myo2 locally):

    here to login:

    have any question try to email me ._.

  10. 巨根少年 says:

    …fb was blocked in my country – –
    and i can’t register ’cause i can’t receive the confirm text on my cellphone ._.
    anyway thx a lot

  11. keshilikezeus says:

    i can’t register on myo2 don’t have invitation code

    • Nene says:

      yup..I heard now in order to register you have to pay or invitation code(?) which I don’t understand what is this invitation code(probably some kind of coupon)

  12. johnny says:

    possible to find any spare accounts anywhere?

  13. mama says:

    any possibilities to find a spare account lying around?

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