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Mania Skin

This article is for downloading for your o2mania skin. In order to change skin, first download the file, then extract it to a folder called “Skin” in your o2mania folder, run the o2mania, click Option tab and choose Skin, and select your new skin.


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58 responses to “Mania Skin”

  1. Rein says:

    thanks! 🙂

  2. Xypher says:

    Wow great!

  3. Awesome12345 says:

    Thanks you’re awesome!!!

  4. annurfitri says:

    where is glimpse of glacier skin i want that……………..please upload that skin

  5. shin says:

    skin with avatar no pop jam? hmm….

  6. hitori says:

    cool! thanks for this =]

  7. mio-chan says:


  8. patrick sibulo says:

    is this all the skins ? 😛

  9. patrick sibulo says:

    hello ^^.

  10. O2MasterFX says:

    Can you reupload Luminmania? The link is dead.

  11. Neikichi says:

    can u reupload Myo2x7 skin? link is dedz.. tq

  12. Yuki says:

    some link is dead 😀

  13. Happy says:

    the link of Ez2 Tsupei 8k and grand chase is dead.

  14. Aaron says:

    Hi! Bleach skin link is dead. Can you re-upload? Thank you. 🙂

  15. Aaron says:

    Hello! Do you have bohemian rhapsody??

  16. Joe says:

    hello, the warcraft frozen throne link is dead, can you re-upload? thanks in advance 😀

  17. Vanoxta says:

    the link of skin with avatar is dead :/

  18. Nai0515 says:

    Zetsubou and hyper fire links are dead. pls reupload tnx

  19. Deathishere123 says:

    Can you fix ffvi skin

  20. CLOuD StI_Ife says:

    please fix ffvi skin

  21. CLOuD StI_Ife says:

    hey fix ffvi skin

  22. juntue says:

    fix o2jam korea skin please

  23. leng says:

    please fix the sesame street skin. thanks 🙂

  24. 451584 says:

    Could you fix the Bmiidx11 skin please? I’d also be really grateful if you can fix Classic DJMAX skin too =]

  25. o2j7finger says:

    Link for Mix Style 7 Keys is off. Can you reup.?

  26. 123123 says:

    Do you have the classics one? like the X2Jam skin and the swimsuit anime girls skin?

  27. MegaNEX says:

    Can you Re-upload Mystery of love?

  28. arvinkent098 says:

    Please reupload doubles 4k+8k skin for o2mania. :3

  29. Zahid says:

    Buble rainbow fish skin mediafire error
    Pls upload again…tq

  30. JCHA-1600 says:

    It seems RF4 skin link is broken.
    Please re-upload as soon as possible.

  31. McGregor says:

    VOS Skin please 🙁
    Deleted from MF

  32. o2maniaplayer says:

    Rainbow fish link broken ;-; please fix

  33. angelu regner says:

    im using o2solo (which is offline too) theres no skin folder here, where should i put it? i only see image folder

    • Nene says:

      no idea for o2solo…are there any option on changing skin on that program? if there is maybe you can create new folder or maybe on different folder name?

      • angelu regner says:

        i only see conf, music, and image folder, help pls i badly want that bubble rainbow 🙁

        • angelu regner says:

          Nene, I have downloaded o2mania and the bubble rainbow and rainbow fish skins wont work, i tried the others and it worked but wont work on rainbow fish and bubble rainbow 🙁

          • Nene says:

            huh…? like I said I have no idea about o2solo and I’m not programmer nor the one who make o2mania so sorry can’t help…perhaps you can ask some member on FB page…?

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