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This article is for all DJMAX song (that i have :D). Before you download and play the song, make sure u download this
– YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THAT FILE IN ORDER TO PLAY. After you download it, EXTRACT IT TO A NEW FOLDER (i suggest make a new folder called DJMAX song or whatsoever you will call it :D). If you don’t download and then extract the file then DON’T COMPLAIN like “why i can’t play the song bla5”.
Now for the song. Its the same method like when you download other O2 Jam song. Click Hide for details.
– Why there is 5KY(5 Keys) and 7KY(7 Keys)? it doesn’t matter. Because DJMAX song have 2 different way to play either 5 keys or 7 keys. The keys will be assigned like you assign for 7 keys, but the difference is this is 5 keys but with same keys. For example, you set 7 keys for “zxc(space)kl;”. Then if you decide to play 5 keys, you don’t have to reassign new key. 5 keys will be assign like this “xc(space)kl”. Get what i mean?
-The song levels is little different here. If you think “OMG Level 8!! This song must be awesomely easy…” NO! Don’t think like that. In DJMAX song, even in level 8 its still hard. Even i can’t beat level 11 x_x (cos the highest level is 16)
– As usual behind the song name, if there is like “*” means the song title or the song artist or the song artist name could be wrong. Post it here if you think its not right.
– Behind the song there will be like “(A)”. That means that song has an animation. WHAT?? ANIMATION?? Yes, some of the DJMAX song has an animation. In order to see it, go to “Background” tab and choose “Animation of Music” in your o2mania program.
– Update song that marked with (U) at “Today’s New Song” and or “Update News” is on RAR version. PAY ATTENTION!!! After download the updated file (currently for the “old” songs” that is marked with (U)), please remove the “old” file on the folder. Example, for the Artificial Integrity song, please remove old file in your DJMAX folder that easily begin with “ai_xxx”. Remove all and extract the new PT and PAK to the DJMAX folder.
– New songs will be packed in one both PAK and PT and of course its on RAR version.


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74 responses to “DJMAX Song”

  1. xxdbxx says:

    Can you update links with download? Some are not working – Let Go , The Tokyo and other

  2. Nene says:

    Fixed for both. Can you please specify other song that link is broken. MF sometimes delete my files unreasonably without further notice to me so I have no idea which one has been removed

  3. Rafa says:

    Thx for the paks but there are a lot of them that links not working like:
    -without your love
    -urban night
    -the tokyo
    -Ray of illuminati
    -para Q
    -let’s go
    -love is once
    -heart grow
    -bin go

    i think that’s all. i’ll appreciate if you upload that paks again dude. thx

    • Nene says:

      I have fix them all. Sorry for the delay as the song that is repaired, its info is “converted” into the new info format. Also, I fix its preview song as well. There is some notice to this repair :
      1. Let Go > I don’t know what song are you talking about, because there is 2 song that is titled Let Go. Let Go and Let’s Go Baby. Both of this song, its pak+pt file is still there. But anyway I reupload it, reformat info song, repairing its preview song as well.
      2. I also have repaired the o2jam song that you want to be repaired. Again its the smae as DJMAX one(song info, preview song).
      3. My file for O2 Wish You a Merry Christmas still broken. Means in my o2mania, this song still doesn’t have sound. But I still upload the OJN one
      4. What do you mean by O2J? Can you tell me exact name for this one?
      Again apologize for the delay

  4. Rafa says:

    thx a lot for your time dude.

  5. Renqs says:

    Hi, err I think “Dream of you” and “Urban night” links are not working

  6. DurianKing says:

    Wierd Pistol(A)
    Ya! Party!(A)

    Those two have a broken link

  7. Forever914 says:

    Any song can Introduce for me ??Thx

  8. O2JAMLOVER says:

    hello, I was wondering, how do I extract the files from the .pak ones? I cant extract the files from PAK but I can extract the file from PAK+PT using WINRAR.

    • Nene says:

      uh…why you want to extract PAK file anyway?

      • O2JAMLOVER says:

        so that I can get the song to play on o2mania.

      • O2JAMLOVER says:

        because you need to extract the files for.PAK same as PAK+PT to obtain the file for the song right?

        • Nene says:

          um no lol you dont have to extract file from PAK. In order to play, PAK and its PT is required. There is no need to extract PAK

          • O2JAMLOVER says:

            I think I phrased the question wrongly. For example, the song A Morning Person is a PAK file right? and All Your Love is PAK+PT File. so for the PAK+PT i use WinRAR to extract the files inside the DJMAX Songs folder. But for A Morning Person which is a PAK file, WinRAR cant extract it. so how do i get the song for A Morning Person which is a PAK file to be played on o2mania?

          • Nene says:

            oh now I get it…the file that named PAK+PT is all in one PAK+PT on it. While the download link with “PAK” only, to get the PT you have to download “PT” that is on the top page of this DJMAX song thread

        • O2JAMLOVER says:

          Okay! Thank you so much!

  9. ulat says:

    Hi nene, some of the songs like ‘i want You’, ‘Honeymoon’ or ‘PDM’ from the Black Square edition is not here. is there a way that you can update it? 🙂 thank you very much nene.

  10. Glas says:

    nene, i have some djmax resources you may find interesting, can you send me an email so we can instant chat about it?


  11. Mico :D says:

    mediafire link not available.. please fix thanks

  12. Mico :D says:

    Ask a Favor to The Wind Japan version(A)*

  13. korzero says:

    The PT file (the one that is required to play DJMAX) is getting an error in mediafire.

    • Nene says:

      hmmm I actually lost that file and forgot what is inside…but if I remember correctly thats just a RAR file of all .pt file…so its fixed and if its different please tell and remind me what should be inside

  14. JP says:

    pls help cant download any songs that on mediafire for djmax 🙁 is there a compilation of all djmax song pak?

  15. DJmAxx ULtiFAn says:

    man all my favorites dj max are broken…
    pls fix…
    want to play them badly….

  16. Xeph says:

    Chain of Gravity download link is broken. Thanks

  17. TJMAX says:

    Hello a lot of links are broken like Phoenix Virus =[ Do you mind fixing them? Thanks alot!

  18. TJMAX says:

    Thanks for fixing Phoenix virus! This is the last place I know that still offers these files. Why not upload everything in mega? Would be much easier to manage, and the chance of it being removed is low.

  19. Akseru says:

    Please fix the link of these songs

    Hello Pinky
    NB Power
    Fallen Angel

    Thank you~ 😀

  20. Adrianne says:

    why does djmax song “Sunny Side (A)” doesnt have pt file? I want to play that song but sadly i can’t bcoz it doesn’t have pt file

  21. wj says:

    Yo! the file for “for the ikarus” is not working! can you fix it please? thanks 🙂

  22. wj says:

    Midnight trance link is also broken!

  23. Ambi says:

    Real Over Drive is also not working

  24. Mitsuki2614 says:

    SIN(Limited Edition) is broken/removed. ;_;

  25. Mitsuki2614 says:

    why does some songs only contain the .pak file? e.g. End of Moonlight only contains its index(.pak) file.

  26. BeatmaniaNZ says:

    Why is so much broken 🙁
    So much is broken that it’s nearly pointless keeping going. Why did you use Mediafire when there were soo many other alternatives that aren’t run by Nazi’s ?

    • Nene says:

      well if you want some song needed to be fixed tell me…I’m busy at real life also so didn’t have time to fix them all..

  27. Mitsuki2614 says:

    “Sakura”‘s download file has been removed :/ (pls fix this if u have any spare time :3)

  28. KS says:

    Celestial Tears(A)
    Dream of You(A)
    Super Lovely(A)
    Vanish Lady

    are broken

  29. Notice me says:

    (to extract contents of electro sensibility ayy)

    • Nene says:

      The PAK file can’t be and must not be opened. Just copy it to a folder alongside with its PT file. I thought some of the song already “packed” in one RAR file and no I’m not going to MF anymore

  30. kw says:

    Trkischer Marsch is broken! Fix please !

  31. man! says:

    triple zoe are broken! fix please!

  32. ayy says:

    miles was “removed”. if you have time, can you please fix it? thanks.

  33. That DUDE says:

    Rain+ link broken, MEGA download please?

  34. DJ.Metals says:



  35. alexis says:

    where can i find fur elise? help me please

  36. jammer fan says:

    Carmen Fantasy
    One The Love(A)

    are broken fix it pls

  37. lefora says:

    the one for For Seasons is broken

  38. Włodzimierz says:

    Only managed to download about 80 of these songs, the rest have dead links. Please do a massive reupload of most of these songs.

    • Włodzimierz says:

      I was going to write up a list but it’s literally every Mediafire hosted song. All of the Mediafire links are broken. Please do not use mediafire. Use something reliable like MEGA instead.

      • Nene says:

        I’m also busy IRL so reuploading all of that gonna take time so maybe if you tell me what song do I need to fix now that would be great

        • Włodzimierz says:

          Sure, here is a list of all the Mediafire-hosted songs that do not work. There are 132 songs that do not work, which might be too long to list here, so I put them in a Pastebin:

          Please host them somewhere where they will survive long-term. Either that or I have a feeling the case-sensitivity of the Mediafire links were all set to lowercase for some reason which is why all the links are dead.

  39. ANGELO says:

    CAn we not have a full link for all these downloads? Like a .rar holds ’em all? Thanks

  40. Rhey John says:

    Hello, is there a possible way to download all song at once? or maybe song packs by part?. Thanks, keep up the good work.

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